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Happy School Bag - School Fundraising via Clothing Donations

Hoppy holding a bag of donated clothes

Our happy school bag scheme enables schools to generate additional funds through donations of unwanted clothing, whilst also offering practical education to children about the advantages of textile recycling

With the government announcing funding changes that do little to lift the ongoing underlying budget pressures facing schools, the finances of low-funded schools are still insufficient to provide the service that children need.

For more information about our fundraising scheme please visit:

If you are a school in need of funding please feel free to contact us, our scheme is free and simple.

Meet Our Brand Mascot, Hoppy

Hoppy the brand mascot

Recognizing how hard it can be to raise extra money, I, Hoppy the frog, like to make fundraising fun! I’m here to spread joy and give everyone a little boost of encouragement with my cheerful and energetic attitude! Whether we’re hopping around with excitement or cheering each other on, let’s make fundraising an adventure we can all enjoy.

Together, we can turn challenges into opportunities and make a positive difference in our community!


Hoppy, with its adorable, friendly, and lively demeanor, not only helps raise awareness and draw attention to our brand but also significantly enhances the engagement level of our activities due to his personality. This is perfect when working with schools, as it encourages the younger generation to participate and educate them in a practical manner.

A day in the life of Happy School Bag:


We encourage young and older generations to reuse and
recycle their garments which helps in different ways:


When unwanted items are recycled rather than thrown away, they get diverted from landfill sites for Reuse.


By selling recycled garments we provide the opportunity for charities and schools to raise funds, which in turn enables disadvantaged people to afford quality clothing.