(Please note that we only provide a drop off service, no home collection service)

Cash for Clothes by Quid

Quid is our brand mascot, Quid’s goal is to ensure you get the most £ per KG. So keep an eye out for him

Instead of discarding unwanted clothing, we will pay you to take it off your hands! As long as it’s in reusable condition of course. In todays world of fast fashion, good quality garments are being chucked away and they end up in landfill sites, which pollute our gorgeous little planet.

So by exchanging your unwanted clothes for cash with us, and allowing us to repurpose it for re use instead, not only do you get some extra money for yourself, but you also help look after our planet by keeping it cleaner and tidier!

The way it works is simple:

What we Accept

  • Clean adult and children’s clothing
  • Paired shoes (Any type)
  • Fashion accessories, handbags, belts, hats
  • Jewellery
  • Toiletries, perfumes, cosmetics

What we Don't Accept

  • No damaged/ripped, wet, soiled/stained, mouldy, non-reusable items
  • Duvets, pillows, cushions, heavy curtains, towels
  • carpets/rugs/mats
  • Books, glass, metal or bric-a-brac CD’s/DVD’s
  • School uniforms, work uniforms, costumes
  • Electric/electronic equipment

     (*Please note that we reserve the right to refuse unsuitable items)

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