If you are a charity in need of additional funds on a regular basis, feel free to contact us to find out how we could promote the charity and to raise funds for you nationwide without any effort or investment required from your part.

Door to Door collections contribute to address the serious environmental and social impacts of:

  • Global over-production of clothing
  • Incorrect disposal of textiles which are still perfectly suitable for Reuse and which should be diverted from landfill.

We operate nationwide licenced House to House clothing collections in partnership with charities.

We are certified members of the Fundraising Regulator and we follow our stringent guidelines for Best Practice and positively encourage donations. Our staff are trained and carry ID badges, and our vehicles clearly display the charity’s logo to reassure the general public of our authenticity.

Look out for one of our clothing collection bags through your door, also feel free to get in touch with us for a collection.

The process is in 2 simple steps:

  • Fill the bag we’ve provided with your pre-loved clothes, paired shoes and fashion accessories. (and use additional plain bags if more are required)
  • Then leave the filled bag(s) out for us in full view from the road to be collected on the marked collection day.

Congratulations! You’ve recycled your unwanted clothing, you have done something good for charity and the environment, and someone will benefit from reusing your pre-loved garments at affordable prices. Households donate each week because they find our service hassle free and they support a good cause at the same time. We also have a helpline available for everyone to book collections and for general enquiries.

Everything we collect for reuse is sold on to the second-hand market worldwide. This helps to raise funds for charity, generates business, creates employment opportunities and enables disadvantaged people to wear quality clothing at affordable prices.

We work efficiently and strategically to ensure that the clothing we collect is of a quality which meets our export customers’ expectations. For this reason, we have a detailed list of the items that we accept and don’t accept when we are collecting second-hand goods throughout the United Kingdom.

What we do collect

Clean Clothes
Paired Shoes
Fashion Accessories
Cosmetics, Perfumes, Toiletries
Unwanted Gifts (gift sets, small items).

What we do not collect

Soiled, Dirty, Wet, Damaged Clothes/Single shoes
Audio/Video tapes
Duvets, Pillows, Blankets