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“Making an empowering transformation to your fund raising!”

UK Clothing Caravan is a socially responsible company which can help you to fundraise in numerous ways.  Established in 2011 we are quickly growing as a leading recycling and reuse companies of textiles. We are looking to start a new scheme to help charities directly. We can raise money to help charities through door2door collections, school collections and at our cash for clothes outlets.

Cash for Clothes:

We help the public to dispose of their reusable unwanted clothing and we pay a set rate per Kg in return, our service diverts reusable clothes and shoes from UK's critical landfill. This enables disadvantaged people in other countries to afford quality clothing and helps to create jobs abroad and in the UK.

House to house charitable collections:

Why choose door2door collections?

According to the Civil Society survey door2door fundraising is becoming more popular with the public as they feel there’s no pressure to donate. It also offers greater convenience than other methods and makes it easier for the public to recycle textiles as well.

In addition to being more popular with the public door2door collections help the environment. The UK produces around two million tonnes of clothing which are being dumped in our landfills. By every tonne of clothing being reused we can save 20 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

More than that, door2door collections help to raise substantial funds to the participating charities, while providing a powerful promotional tool to your charity on a nationwide scale.

It’s an easy option to fundraise as we will be responsible for all the arrangements. The clothing will be prepared for the export at prevailing global market prices. Such partnerships offer you a risk free way to fundraise as all the burden is taken on by us. You will not incur any costs, commercial risks or any inconvenience that incurs. There can be a very high turnover of clothing and the potential to generate large sums of money every year. Exempt charities currently raise from £20,000 up to £200,000 a year.

By entering the partnership with us, you will not only be raising maximum funds for your charity, but also helping the *environment and creating jobs. So join us now!

*We would love to hear from any supplier in the UK who can produce recyclable plastic bags suitable for clothing collections at a reasonable price. We also welcome ideas and other suggestions about how we could make our operation even better for the environment. Please feel free to email us on:

School collections:

It’s a free fundraising scheme which allows schools, clubs and other organisations to raise additional funds. The scheme collects unwanted yet reusable clothing from schools around the UK, so it helps to tackle textile waste. It also educates children about the importance of recycling and the environment which provides a path to a greener future.

UK Clothing Caravan Ltd. is a private limited company registered in England and Wales (Company No: 07536415)

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